New release: 2022-02-R1

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Kismet 2022-02-R1

Kismet 2022-02-R1 is live!


You can get the 2022-02-R1 release from the Kismet downloads page, where you can get both the source and packages for several distributions.

Changes and Updates

This is primarily a maintenance release to fix a number of bugs discovered in the 2022-01 releases, including:

  • Some datasources not appearing on arm32 (rpi)

    Due to a bug in the UUID comparison, some datasources would be enabled, but not appear in the UI. Packets were still captured and tagged to those datasources, they were just invisible and uncontrollable.

  • Fix segfault due to “smart” pointers and legacy api

    Recent updates to the packet content API changed how GPS info is passed around; use of the old style API caused it to double-free a GPS record sometimes.

  • Check for zero-sized broken frames

    Sometimes zero-length broken frames hit the checksum, making things angry.

  • Give IE127 alerts a little more headroom

    Some APs seem to be sending 12 and 13 byte IE 127 tags, falsely triggering a qualcomm exploit detection; Give the detection a little more headroom before it triggers.

  • Fix override config append not appending

    Override config += lines should append, they weren’t.

  • Merge patch from solstice dhiver to trim GPS coordinates in logs

    Trim GPS to 6 digits of precision

  • Fix old mutex in datasource serialization

    Datasource data fields now protected by the data mutex; it wasn’t used in serialization, leading to occasional deadlock.

  • Detect binary in NMEA GPS streams

    Try to detect binary data in NMEA GPS streams and warn that it probably needs GPSD.


If you’re looking to package Kismet, have a look at the packaging guidelines.


As always, a tremendous thank you to all the supporters on Github Sponsors and Patreon