Wi-Fi Pineapple MK7 Special Edition Case & LED mod

The Hak5 Wi-Fi Pineapple MK7 Special Edition Kismet case helps support Kismet development & blings up your Wi-Fi pineapple at the same time!

For assembly information and resources, check the Kismet MK7 Case and the MK7 LED Mod pages!

Spectrum tools

Spectools is a set of utilities for using various spectrum analyzer hardware. It supports the suite of of Wi-Spy devices by Metageek (the original Wi-Spy, Wi-Spy 24x, Wi-Spy 24x v2, Wi-Spy DBX, Wi-Spy DBX v2, Wi-Spy 900, and Wi-Spy 24i), as well as the Ubertooth-One by Great Scott Gadgets.

More information on Spectools is at the project page

Android PCAP

Android PCAP allows a stock, un-rooted Android device to capture from a RTL8187 (a basic 802.11b Wi-Fi card popularized by Alfa) by implementing the Wi-Fi driver in userspace using the Android USB API.

More information is at the Android PCAP projects page


LORCON (or Loss Of Radio CONtrol) is a common packet crafting and injection framework for Wi-Fi; it is similar to frameworks like Racket and Scapy, but lighter-weight.

The LORCON library is at the Github mirror

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There are several ways you can help support Kismet development financially if you’d like to; support is always appreciated but never required. Kismet is, and always will be, open source.


Kismet can be sponsored via the GithHub Sponsorship program, and for the first year, GitHub matches donations made by sponsors!



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