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Kismet Releases

Kismet 2018-08-BETA1


Download the all-new beta Kismet-2018-08-BETA1 code release here

The new Kismet 2018 beta version is here, and is a tremendous rewrite of the project to update device support, user interface, scriptability, external tool integration, and to expand Kismet beyond just Wi-Fi. Among many other improvements, the Kismet 2018 version includes:

  • All new web-based UI
  • HTTP/HTTPS scriptable JSON interface for controlling Kismet and fetching data
  • Revamped plugin support for web-based UI plugins
  • Unified 'kismetdb' log file which can store device records, alerts, messages, and packets in a single file
  • Live streaming of realtime captures over HTTP
  • All new super-light remote capture code
  • External tools APIs to integrate additional tools like rtl433
  • Support for non Wi-Fi protocols like Bluetooth, RTL433 SDR-based sensor detection, and more
  • Multithreaded packet decoding for higher workloads
  • Massive (50+) multi-radio support

Please remember this IS a beta; while fully functional, not every feature is complete, and there will be some bumps along the way to the final release.

Kismet Development Source

Git repository


Kismet code under development is available in the Git repository. The development of new features happens in the 'master' branch (the default branch of a git checkout) of the git repo available here:

git clone

Or you can use the Github mirror at

git clone

Or you can browse the Git tree on the web here

Kismet Legacy Version

Kismet 2016-07-R1


The Kismet legacy code was last updated as a stable release in 2016; this codebase is aging, but may in some cases be more suitable. This version is rapidly being phased out, and does not include the web UI, JSON output, unified logging, or any other new features of the latest development and beta code.

Download the Kismet-2016-07-R1 legacy release here


Smarter Wi-Fi Manager



Additional information about Smarter Wi-Fi Manager can be found on the SWM website

SWM code under development is available in the Git repository:

git clone


Spectools 2016-01-R1


Changes include: Tweaks to drawing parameters, support for WiSPY DBX V3, support for Ubertooth hardware, changes to scan rates for WiSPY hardware, and cleanup of old deprecated code.

Grab the latest development code from git:

git clone

Or download the Spectools-2016-01-R1 code release here


Fluid 960 Grid System, created by Stephen Bau, based on the 960 Grid System by Nathan Smith. Released under the GPL / MIT Licenses.