New release: 2019-12-R2

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Kismet 2019-12-R2 is up!

A bugfix release for Kismet 2019-12, R2 solves a number of quirks which were quite annoying:

  • Solve a race condition in Linux with interface naming. Due to how the nl80211 layer handles interface naming, combined with how systemd can name interfaces on some systems, it was possible to have a race condition when Kismet defaulted to kismonX interface names, resulting in either errors or Kismet ignoring one of the interfaces.
  • Solve a free on an unused pointer in nl80211 vif creation. The new vif creation code doesn’t use the nl80211 flags sub-message when there are no flags to add, but tried to free it. This could cause a crash the first time trying to open a source, but the second time would succeed.
  • Fix TICC2540 USB devices. Some systems were very unhappy with the order in which the USB device was initialized; now it should be fine.
  • Work around the very broken RTL8812BU driver. While we don’t recommend this driver or these cards, due to a HUGE number of issues, Kismet will now do its best to open one and get it into monitor mode.
  • Much smoother operation with very very large numbers of sources. A side effect of the vif naming fix, interfaces are now initialized and opened one at a time. While this may take much longer to open huge numbers (dozens or more) of interfaces, it is much more reliable and much less likely to cause Kismet or kernel problems during the initial bring-up and firmware load of interfaces.
  • Minor output text fixes. Capture interface and base interface were swapped in some messages to the user.


You can get the 2019-12-R1 release from the Kismet downloads page, where you can get both the source and packages for several distributions.


If you’re looking to package Kismet, have a look at the packaging guidelines.