New release: 2019-05-R2

1 minute read

Kismet 2019-05-R2 is here! The second release of the new code brings a huge set of bug fixes, but also refinements and new features.

What happened to 2019-05-R1? The Python was screwed up in some specific situations, and rather than risk messing with some installs, the full release is bumped to R2.

New features

  • Migrate webserver to require login for all pages for a better default security stance
  • WPA3 networks are now correctly reported, and wpa3 transitional networks are correctly reported
  • OWE (opportunistic wireless encryption) is detected and reported
  • MFP (management frame protection) reported
  • KismetExternal python module now supports python3
  • Expanded default VHT80 channel list
  • Added downloading of rsnpmkid packets
  • Filtering engine for kismetdb logs
  • Ephemeral logging and log timeouts
  • Support external plugins with no c++ components
  • Started introducing packet tags for finding handshakes, etc


  • Huge fix to the core thread primitives which were completely wrong, with wide ranging impacts for performance and general correct behavior
  • Many thread lock order fixes for gps handling, data source reopening, tcp client correctness, web session handling, and more
  • Handle incorrect and missing configs more elegantly
  • Cleaner handling of python capture sources, missing python modules, and installed python files
  • Fix broken strerror handling not actually showing string errors
  • Fix signal levels for min/max
  • Many more less significant tweaks and fixes


Upgrading should happen automatically if you use the Kismet packages, otherwise install the new version from the download page. Make sure you do a make forceconfigs to get the latest config versions; if you use the kismet_site.conf config you won’t need to make any other changes; otherwise you’ll need to make any edits to the config files you made before.